Free check of Domain Authority and Trust

Find out the SEO indicators of any website - Data on domain authority, backlinks and websites organic traffic

Domain authority data

Learn authority parameters: Domain Authority (DA) by SeoMoz and Semrush Rank. The main parameter for calculating DA is the number and quality of backlinks, the higher the value of the parameter, the better. At the same time, the Semrush rank is based on the amount of organic website traffic, and the lower the rank value, the better. Alexa rank is based on traffic data from the Alexa tool. The lower the value of the parameter, the better.

Donor Backlinks Profile

Backlinks profile information will be obtained from SeoMoz and Semrush. With Seomoz data we get the number of backlinks. According to Semrush, we obtain the number of unique URL donors and unique donor domains of backlinks.

Website organic traffic data 

Organic traffic information is derived from Semrush. Find out how much the website receives organic traffic per month. To calculate this parameter for each website, Semrush assigns a conditional CTR value to each position for each keyword, these values are multiplied by the frequency of the same keywords and summed for all keywords by which the website was detected in the search results. The cost of search traffic is based on the total cost of the traffic if it was received using Google Adwords.